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4-6 Campus Students Team Up with K-3 Campus Students During CSW ’15

For Catholic Schools Week, 4-6 Campus students came by bus to the K-3 Campus. The older Students shared their favorite book and then worked with the younger students to create cards for local nursing homes.

OCES 4-6 Campus Students

Students from the 4-6 Campus

Book Club – ‘Everything on a Waffle’

The Book club students are eagerly reading a new book, “Everything on a Waffle.”  This is a 2002 Newberry Honor Book by Polly  Horvath.

Representative Brett Guthrie Visits

U.S. Representative, Brett Guthrie, Bowling Green Republican, visited the this month. He spoke to the fifth grade students  about  the birth of American government.  The students are always glad to see those who represents them in the local or national governments.

Social Studies – Colonies

Students in 5th grade Social Studies class completed a simulation on the British “unfair” taxation of the colonies. The King  and Parliament will decide on what they will tax the colonist for wearing a uniform, a sweatshirt, colored shoe strings, etc. After the simulation the class had a greater understanding of their lessons on the conflicts British taxation caused between Britain and the colonists.