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4-6 Campus

Arrival and Dismissal

We make every effort to ensure the safety of our students during arrival and dismissal. To that end, we have developed an Arrival/Dismissal Map to help drivers understand and follow the approved procedures. Please contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have.

Students may enter/exit at the 23rd Street entrance or at the door closest to the church parking lot on 22nd Street. Students are not permitted to cross 22nd Street or 23rd Street since no crossing guard is provided.

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The Owensboro Catholic Elementary 4-6 Campus opens each morning at 7:00. A teacher will be present at the cafeteria door to receive students where they will be supervised until 7:30, then dismissed to their classrooms. If students arrive after 7:30, they should proceed directly to their classrooms. The instructional day begins promptly at 7:45 a.m. Students arriving after the 7:45 bell will be considered tardy and must enter the building at the 23rd Street entrance to stop by the secretary’s office for an admittance pass.


Dismissal time of bus-riding students begins at 2:05 p.m. while dismissal for all other students begins at 2:15.

22nd Street

Do not enter the church parking lot off 22nd Street until the buses have loaded and left. You may park next to the curb on 22nd Street while you wait for the buses to exit the lot. After the buses have departed you may pick up your child(ren) from this lot by entering the on the East-most drive. Cars will form two semi-circle lanes in the parking lot. When ALL students are loaded into their cars, school personnel will signal for the first cars in the lines to leave. Do not leave until the signal is given.

The outer lane will exit towards JR Miller Boulevard while the inner lane will exit in the direction of Veach Road. If your child has not gotten into your car as the traffic begins to move, pull into the space between the two lanes or next to the playground fence. When traffic has cleared, school personnel will signal the remaining students to enter the vehicles.

Parents are asked not to park and/or pick up on either side of 22nd Street. All student pick up on 22nd Street must be from the Church parking lot.

23rd Street

Students are loaded into cars on the North side of the street only. No child may cross the street to enter a car. Parents should park in a line facing West behind the line of parked cars beginning at the fire hydrant on 23rd Street. Drivers who leave their cars or need to wait for a student should pull into a parking space so as not to interrupt the flow of traffic.

We are unable to provide supervision for students who linger on the school property after dismissal unless they are participating in school sponsored activities with adult supervision. Please help us by being prompt when picking up your child(ten). Car riding students not picked up within 10 minutes of dismissal will be directed to the Extended Day Program and the parents will be charged the daily rate of $9.00.